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Art Craft Kinetic Sand 750g Build | Israa

With the marvellous kinetic sand the child will want to play everywhere!

It does not stain, achieves a better shape of the created figures, does not remain on the hands or surfaces and is harmless to play.

The pleasant feeling it brings to the touch has a calming effect.

With the included matrices for forming bricks, tiles, etc. the child will be able to invent role-playing games and develop his imagination.

In the large box he will collect the sand and form various figures for play.

The set contains: kinetic sand 750 g (3 colors); matrix for bricks; tools and signs; large sand pad. A total of 10 parts.

Size of the box: 43 х 27 х 7 cm.

Quality from DEDE – a leading manufacturer of licensed children’s plastic, sports and educational toys in Turkey. The company was established in 1962 in Istanbul. Its products are popular all over the world and are accompanied by quality and safety certificates!


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