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Bestway | Swim Safe Double Ring Baby Seat Step A

Bestway Baby Watercraft•30″ x 25.5″ (76cm x 65cm) •

Smooth leg holes •12.0/32.0 ga. (0.30/0.80mm) vinyl •

Recommended for age 6-18 months .



This great inflatable baby pool seat are designed for1-2 Yr olds. Perfect for the pool and summer time. Let your little ones enjoy the pool with you!

  • Inflatable and deflated, convenient too use it at any time and put it away
  • Leg holes and seat let baby sit in water
  • Help youre baby swim completely independently using the swim float
  • Provides a sense of security and comfort for youre baby in the water
  • only use this product under adult’s supervision
  • Flexibility of use at home or in swimming pool
  • Youre kids will have fun playing with this swim toy at the beach or in the pool
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