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Hot Wheels | 2 Pack Color Reveal

Transport your Hot Wheels Monster Trucks in style with the Monster Mover!


The Hot Wheels Color Reveal 2 Pack of vehicles is loaded with awesome surprises! Inside the barrel drum are two 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Color RevealT cars covered in special Color RevealT coating.

For the initial reveal, fill the drum with water and swirl each car around in it until the water changes color, the pull the car out — the sweet  hiding underneath are exposed! Want to change its appearance again? Fill the drum with cold water and dunk each car in for yet another awesome transformation! Change it back by dunking it in warm water! Repeat this over and over again alternating between warm or cold water. It’s like having two cars in one!

The barrel drum serves as a Hot Whelers dunk tank, and it’s also perfect for storage! Each two-pack is sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

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