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Hot Wheels Smashin’ Triceratops Playset

Big Hot Wheels City set with gigantic Cobra that can trap cars in his jaws
Ignite kids’ imagination and storytelling play with this challenge to save Hot Wheels City


  • Kids can put their skills to the test against the massive dino with multiple diecast cars for amped up storytelling and skill-based play
  • Children simply load a Hot Wheels car into the launcher and slam into the Triceratops to try and take him down
  • If the launch wasn’t strong enough, the Triceratops charges towards the car destroying Main Street
  • Kids are challenged to develop the skill and power to knock the Triceratops off balance and make it land with a thump; resetting is simple with just a push of the city street
  • Includes a huge Triceratops dino on Hot Wheels City Main Street, a slam launcher shaped like a truck with orange track, a Hot Wheels car and one dramatic takedown moment


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