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Ravensburger | Unicorn Paradise Puzzle 300 pcs



This Ravensburger fantasy-inspired jigsaw puzzle features beautiful unicorns. The image presents a total of four unicorns. Three of these are dancing on magical waves; one unicorn is standing a few feet away. In the background, a fantasy castle, exotic-looking plants and rocks and bright shooting stars are also visible. This enchanting puzzle is a must-have for children and adults who love to visualize and create imaginary worlds and mythical creatures. Puzzle solvers will be mesmerized as they construct the enchanted world of the four unicorns, piece by piece, inch by inch. This jigsaw puzzle is carefully crafted from a blend of wood, paper and cardboard. Each puzzle piece perfectly fits into place. Once they finish the puzzle, solvers will be rewarded with a detailed and striking image. This puzzle contains 300 pieces. It is appropriate for children aged 9 and above. The completed puzzle will measure 39.5 cm x 36.19 cm.


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