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Squirrel Sensory Fidget Toys


  • Catch it and do it You may squeeze hard to relieve tension and watch the firmly connected squirrel pop out.
  • You can play with them by simple pinching movements, the squirrel cup will bring you happiness. when you squeeze hard, the evil little squirrel will appear in the cup! When let go, the little squirrel will return to be reusable.
  • Squeeze this Squirrel out when you are thinking or brainstorming or waiting, the grasping exercise can help relieve stress or anxiety, promote concentration and sedation, and help reduce stress.
  • Put this fidget tool on your desk when you are at work. It can be used as stress relief but also a cute pen holder.
  • If you don’t know how to make your loved ones or special people who need to relax and reduce tension, please let them enjoy the joy of squeezing squirrels.
Dimensions 1.68 × 46 cm
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