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Uno H2O Waterproof Cards

  • A wet and whirly version of UNO
  • Contains transparent, waterproof cards and a cool whirlpool device
  • Players shake the whirlpool to start the fun
  • First player to win 3 hands wins the game


Uno H2O is a fun, waterproof version of Uno. This particular version is recommended for ages 7 and older and can accommodate 2 to 10 players. Uno H2O has durable plastic cards that can resist water and dirt. This feature is convenient to those who love to play outdoors. They are laminated and they don’t bend easy. You can easily play by the pool or even inside it.

Players take turns matching a card in their hand with the current card shown on top of the deck either by color or number. Special action cards deliver game-changing moments as they help you defeat your opponents. These include Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos, and Wild Downpour cards.

If you can’t make a match, you must draw from the central pile! And when you’re down to one card, don’t forget to shout “UNO!” The first player to rid themselves of all the cards in their hand before their opponents wins. It’s Fast Fun for Everyone!

  • 3 – 10 Players
  • Ages 7+
  • 30 Minutes


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