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Zuru Robo Alive Play Set Clown Fish

ingle Robo Fish aquatic robot toy with a fish tank play set. Drop Robo Fish into a bowl of water and it springs to life, swimming in a way that’s almost indistinguishable from a real fish. Remove it from water and dry to deactivate, ready for use next time. Each pack contains one Robo Fish with batteries, spare batteries and a clear plastic Robo Fish bowl.

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Have an endless adventure with your Lifelike Robotic Turtle and matching habitat. Watch as he dives from a rock and splashes into the water, swimming at multiple speeds and in many directions.

Key Features:
– Swims like a real turtle with lifelike fin movement – Duel functioning: Walks on land and swims in water – Micro-robotic technology with multiple swimming speeds – Water Activated – Power save mode


Pack Includes:
– 1 X Lifelike Robotic Turtle – 1 X Turtle Island – 1 X Turtle Tank – 2 X LR44 and BONUS batteries included
Dimensions 1.68 × 46 cm
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