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Zuru X-Shot 36225 Excel Reflex 6 Combo

The X-Shot Kickback is the perfect small blaster that packs enough power to take on targets 27 meters / 90 feet away! In fact, it packs so much power that it actually Kickbacks when fired! Easy to reload, it also has a bottom dart storage to quickly get back into action and take down a few enemies before they take you!

(8 Darts, 6 Cans)

29.50JOD 20.65JOD

Have fun and adventure with this toy set. The set includes blaster, 16 darts and 6 target cans. Barrel rotates automatically to make sure you lose no time in the process. Perfectly designed to improve your kids concentration and focus. Help your little one to develop their mental skills with this set.

Dimensions 1.68 × 46 cm
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