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Awesome Blossems Doll

Plant a seed and grow your very own doll with Awesome Bloss’ems: the fierce floral collectible dolls!


  • Grow your own surprise collectible dolls: you have the magic to bring 3 awesome bloss’ems to life! Plant Each of the colorful seeds, cover them with sparkle soil and make a wish! Add water and watch as your awesome bloss’ems dolls sprout from the soil, revealing your characters! Who will you grow?
  • Stylish floral designs: in this awesome bloss’ems 3-pack, there are so many different dolls to collect! Each doll smells sweet, like flowers and wears a fierce floral outfit and blossom on her head representing her theme! With 5 themes, you might even find a rare doll!
  • Play and display: Each glittery flowerpot dome and lid act as a play space and terrarium to display your awesome bloss’ems dolls! Decorate the magical garden environments with colorful chip art and place your dolls into the leaf hammocks for a nap.
  • Awesome bloss’ems are the magically growing, surprise scented collectible dolls for girls aged 5 and up. Plant them, water them – who will you grow?
  • Includes: 3 pots with dome and lid, 3 seeds, 3 awesome bloss’ems dolls, 3 bags of sparkle play soil, 3 leaf spoons, 3 circle sheets of chip art, 1 instruction sheet with collector’s guide



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