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Barbie Fairy Ballerina

Chelsea doll and her puppy are ready for an adventure around the world with this travel set that includes more than five accessories. Chelsea doll has luggage (a roller bag with clip that attaches to her hand and backpack), travel accessories (like headphones and a cellphone) and personal must-haves (like a teddy bear). she’s dressed to go anywhere wearing a pink sparkly skirt, pink shoes and pink sunglasses, and her puppy has an excited expression for the trip.

Barbie Fairy-Ballerina-2 Designs (FWK85) . Barbie® with fairy clothes and gorgeous colored wings with stars, take off imagination and creativity. The pink tiara inspires princess stories. And the detachable pink fairy skirt inspires entertaining modern stories. Children can tell all kinds of fairy tales with these fairies because with Barbie® you can become what you dream about! Includes Barbie® Fairy Doll with Wings, Clothing and Accessories. Dolls can not stand upright on their own.


Dimensions 30 cm


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