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OG Talita Doll With Dress & Hat Outfit

Dimension: Lenght- 24.13cm, Width- 12.7cm, height- 50.8cm, weight- 2kg


OG Talita Doll With Dress & Hat Outfit

Talita is a non-posable doll whose neck, shoulders, and hips rotate so that she can be positioned in many different ways! Talitas hair is silky soft, and fun to brush and style. Talita loves to express her sparkly personality through her clothes! She wears a soft, white knit dress with a sparkly tulle hem that looks like sunlight sparkling on the snow. Her gold sequin hat adds a touch of glamour and keeps her cozy when its chill outside. Her warm white socks and cozy white boots are the perfect finishing touches to this winter wonderland outfit!
18-inch fashion doll with with long, straight black hair and pale green eyesIncludes knitted white dress with tulle hem, gold sequin hat, undies, socks, and boots
Compatible with most 18-inch dolls including American Girl and Journey Girl


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