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Scruff-A-Luvs Plush Mystery Rescue Pet | Candy Floss

  • Limited edition snow pals Scruff-a-Luvs
  • Mystery animal inside every box – will you rescue a walrus, penguin or polar bear
  • Rescue to reveal  – wash, dry and groom to transform from scruffy to fluffy
  • Who will you rescue? Will your scruff-a-luv be a puppy, kitten or Llama?
  • Wash them, dry them and groom them to reveal who they are.
  • Includes brush and hair clip for you to groom your scruff-a-luv and a collar and tag to name them.
  • Each scruff-a-luv comes with an Adoption Certificate.
  • New cotton candy fur.
Weight 3.25 kg
Dimensions 72.5 × 18 × 25 cm
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